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Our firm

Exponent is a private equity firm that believes that greater understanding leads to greater transformation. We seek to identify untapped potential, navigate complexity and nurture positive relationships in order to unlock meaningful growth for our portfolio companies and investors.

  • €150-500m


  • £2.9bn

    In funds raised

  • 200+ years

    Collective private equity experience

  • 40


Who we are

Established in London in 2004, today Exponent is one of the UK’s leading private equity firms, investing in companies headquartered across Europe with enterprise values between €150-500m.

We are situational specialists, applying our unique approach to investments across industries as we work to achieve transformational results for investors and management teams.

We are now investing from our fourth fund.

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How we work

With knowledge

We believe that knowledge has the power to be transformative when it combines professional rigour with common sense. A combination of strategic acumen and market analysis, the operational insight of our Chairperson network and two centuries of collective private equity experience is how we seek to bring value, manage risk and deliver results.

With focus

We believe that a lean, experienced and stable team is best placed to find and develop exceptional companies. At Exponent, we don’t have layers of bureaucracy that cloud our focus. We commit the people, the time and the hard work necessary to transform the assets under our care from purchase to exit, making decisions swiftly and solving problems effectively.

With trust

We believe that building trusted relationships builds better companies. To build that trust, we act with integrity in everything we do, and empathise with the needs of those we work with. That means listening to business owners, backing management teams and always making decisions in our investors’ best interests.

With spirit

We believe that success is a collective endeavour, best achieved with a spirit of collegiality and enthusiasm. At Exponent, this energy comes naturally from our commitment to shared goals and a quiet confidence in our method and the transformations it can bring.

With responsibility

We believe that process and procedure is never a substitute for individual responsibility. This same belief informs our approach to responsible investing. At Exponent, environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues are considered at every stage in the deal cycle and we ensure they are raised in each of our fund communications.

Our team also seeks to embed greater awareness and action on ESG issues in the operations of all our portfolio companies.

Responsible investing is an efficient and progressive way of doing business. Not only does it protect and create profit, it creates a world that is better for people and the planet.