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Our approach

Our proven approach is underpinned by a deep understanding of opportunities and relationships in order to generate positive growth for our companies and meaningful returns for our investors.

Investment strategy

Understanding opportunity

At Exponent, we are proactive investors. We identify and pursue unique opportunities, bringing insight, investment and stewardship to previously constrained companies so they are more able to achieve their transformational potential. We imagine what is possible, then work to make it happen.

Understanding relationships

We look beyond capital to build rewarding relationships with our entire stakeholder community. That means fostering a team culture in which knowledge and success is shared. It means developing an investor relationship culture that favours honesty and straightforwardness at all times. And it means working with management teams in a way that respects their operational experience and enables their ongoing success.

Toward meaningful transformations

We have raised and invested three funds, each building strong companies and delivering strong returns. We are currently investing from our fourth fund. By seeking a deep understanding - of opportunity and relationships - we aim to unlock meaningful growth for our companies and sustainable returns for our investors. Meet the team behind the results.

Our commitments

To investors

Our investors are some of the world’s leading financial institutions, pension funds and other funds with long-term investment horizons. Because their success is our success, our approach centres their needs and expectations. We value their trust, work to protect their interests and strive to ensure the experience of working with Exponent remains simple and rewarding.

To advisors

We are a creative private equity firm, with a portfolio that extends across situations and sectors. Because new and promising opportunities can come from inside and outside our network, we welcome advisors who approach us. When an opportunity meets our criteria and responds to the needs of our investors, we’ll move quickly to deliver it.

To management

We are supportive investors, respecting the experience and insight of management as we bring our own expertise to bear on decision-making. Since 2004, we have continued to build an invaluable Chairperson network - a group of talented men and women whose stewardship alongside management has helped to create jobs, grow profits and transform companies across Europe and beyond.