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LONDON, 2 August 2023 - Exponent today announced that it completed its acquisition of IFF’s UK-headquartered Flavour Specialty Ingredients division (“FSI” or “the Business”), a global leader in the base aromas market.

FSI is a leading supplier of high-value, specialty base aromas with a broad offering of natural and aroma chemical products. They provide key inputs to the global flavour and fragrance industry, serving food and beverage end markets.

The acquisition includes four dedicated manufacturing and distribution facilities in the UK, US and China, as well as additional distribution centres in Mexico, Brazil and Hong Kong. It serves more than 970 clients across Europe, North America and Asia and generates over $100 million in revenue.

Exponent has specialist expertise in corporate carve outs and a strong track record of investing in market leading Food & Beverage businesses. This transaction will enable Exponent to support FSI’s growth ambitions, both organically and through acquisitions.