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Bullitt Group

The deal

Investing in a leading rugged mobile phone provider


Fund III

The teams

Management Team

Chair: Pieter Knook

CEO: Peter Stephens

The story

Bullitt Group (Bullitt) is a leading rugged mobile phone provider, primarily under the Caterpillar Inc. (CAT) brand.

The business partners with category-leading global brands to create innovative technologies. Bullitt partners with CAT to design mobile devices with both rugged design credentials (waterproof, dustproof, drop-proof) and specialist features such as a unique thermal camera. Bullitt is partnering with Land Rover to create phones for outdoor enthusiasts.

Exponent acquired Bullitt from its founders. Exponent partnered with the incumbent team led by CEO Peter Stephens and new Operating Chairman Pieter Knook. We were attracted by the global growth opportunity in the rugged mobile phone segment and opportunity to expand the business into new products and segments.