Creating world class UK businesses

Our investment strategy

Exponent focuses on management buy-outs and management buy-ins of UK-based companies with values of between £75m-£350m.

We target companies which:

  • have strong market positions
  • have been historically constrained
  • we can transform under our ownership

We over-specify management teams relative to the size of the business   We are able to do this because our reputation means that very experienced, talented management candidates want to work with us.

Our Chairman model means that we have an experienced industrialist in every investment who is responsible for the delivery of our plan and who works closely with both us and the management team.

The UK mid-market is sophisticated and well intermediated. Companies are therefore generally fully valued on sale and so, in our view, it is essential to have a differentiated plan to add value to a business and an exceptional management team able to deliver it.



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